BRANDING Mentoring – Brand building of EU Enterprises through Mentoring

The project “BRENDING Mentoring – Creating an EU Enterprise Brand through Mentoring” was intended for supporters, mentoring in the leadership of new entrepreneurs, self-employed employees, executives in small companies in large business-to-business enterprises and promoting the related competencies with technicians in branding strategy, marketing new products on the service. It should lead you all the way to successful business results in practices. Specifically, the project seeks to organize brand management executive programs in branding.

Technology enhanced intrapreneurship; changing minds for career and personal development on the net – [intraskills.ict]

Project “Technology enhanced intrapreneurship; – [intraskills.ict]” supports individuals in the acquisition and development of transversal and soft skills, entrepreneurial competencies and digital skills to enhance employability, social-educational development and professional growth. First, we will provide a tool for assessing needs based on prior experience. Secondly, e-learning material will be prepared. The training will be based on entrepreneurial and online skills (the first objective of the project). The information and communication technology (ICT) tools and activities created within the project will make it easier for participants to acquire competences according to their needs and internal motives.

Improving Skills in Vocational Education and Training

The project is about developing the relevant skills needed in the labor market to reduce the mismatch between the needs of the economy and education in the journalist sector. The overall objective of this project is to increase the employability of young people and to contribute to the development of a highly skilled, skilled and mobile workforce. The project will develop the qualification of a machinist, which will be defined by a detailed qualification profile and supplemented by a common work plan. The new qualification will be developed by implementing three guidelines. The “Guidelines for Employer and Market Needs Research” will present a method for defining learning outcomes by surveying employers and market needs. “Guidelines for the development of the Common Qualification” will describe the key stages of the development of the Common Qualification, Quality Assurance and Qualification Structure.


The aim of the “IN.KAMS – International Key Account Management & Sales” project is to implement, test, expand and systematize a new university education program aimed at managing key customers in an international environment. Changing the methodological paradigm will enable the development of the competencies of key customer leaders. The training program will be supported by innovative, interactive ways and approaches that are adaptable to business and individual needs.



The project has the following specific objectives:
• Raise awareness of the capacities of persons with disabilities in inclusive tourism and increase their access to the labor market.
• Raise awareness of the potential of inclusive and accessible tourism for the competitiveness of the service sector.

• Develop training content, materials and tools for people with disabilities based on appropriate adaptation of the employment model.

• Transfer of knowledge and guidelines addressed to tourism professionals on how to develop successful business models in inclusive and accessible tourism and how to support people with disabilities as potential employees.

• Strengthen co-operation between tourism companies and companies active in the field of support for people with disabilities.

• inform potential clients about the potential of inclusive and accessible tourism.

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